Erotic Art


Ars Phoenix

"Hi, I'm glad you joined me here… This is a 3D site that's sure to surprise you… You want to take a look inside? I'll take a little peek inside and tell you all about this startling site… Just stick close to me… Oh… Maybe not that close… We might trip over each other… blushes brightly You can put your hand there if you'd like… It does feel kind of nice… blushes So here we go…

This is a 3D erotic artwork site with lots to look at. There are a lot of galleries ranging from simply erotic to duels between hot babes. There are a couple of galleries dedicated to the mysterious bedrooms and what goes on there. Let's take a little peek inside. In Bedroom 1 you have a naked man lying on his back. blushes uh… Right… He's waiting for his beautiful woman to arrive. She comes into the scene in black spiked heels and silk stockings. She has on a garter framing her bottom to add to the steam in the room. There's a story to be told in the pictures of this series. There's a gun on the bed beside the man. What does that mean? I'll let you figure it out on your own. I wouldn't want to give away the surprise. In other galleries you find even more amazing erotic artwork. Do you like a hot babe dressed in heels and scantily clad with a gun in her hands? The Miss Bond gallery has just the look for you. If James Bond ever got married I'd bet this lady would be his wife.

There are many other galleries to look at. In the Lesbian gallery you get to see sexy ladies in a bedroom and ready to get jiggy with it. There's a gallery called Domina 1 that shows you a hot babe in high spiked heels and little else. She has on a gag that looks pretty cute on her. There are beautiful young women fighting it out in Duel 1 and a gallery called Foil 1 showing you a sexy babe with a sword in her hand doing some really hot poses. It's sure to get you blood pumping when you look at this art. This is only a small sampling of what this site has to offer. It's sure to get more interesting as the months go by. I think it's time for me to go… blushes brightly You can let go of me now… Thanks… I hope you enjoyed this little peek into this artist's world… I hope I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"


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